Get Solo's proprietary technology - the solo* Renderer- represents patent-pending algorithms and tools designed to consolidate multiple unique barcodes and data sets onto a single surface while maximizing the readability by standard point-of-sale (POS) systems. Designed as a general solution from its inception, the solo* Renderer algorithms are coded in Java in a platform-independent manner; as a result they can be manifested in several different forms ranging from a server-side solution for the Application Service Provider (ASP) functionality needed by the Company, to a portable solution for kiosk-type environments.

The basic solo* Renderer gathers a range of user-specific, merchant-specific, sponsor-specific, and surface-specific information and synthesizes a unique image for that particular input set, thereby creating a solo* accessory. Designed to operate with barcode readers from different organizations with no pre-existing partnerships or relationships, solo* offers a handy and fun alternative to overloaded wallets.

The solo* Renderer works with a solo* Device Management System, designed to allocate a unique ID code to each solo* accessory, which allows the Company to manage accessory-specific programs and replace lost accessories. Finally, both the Rendered and the Device Management Systems work with the Merchant Manager and the Sponsor Manager Systems. These systems abstract the various unique parameters required by sponsors. Both systems also incorporate billing and collection modules designed to collect bounties and bill sponsors for usage.

The ASP functionality of the solo* system embodies all of the modules and sections listed above, and couples them with a standard e-commerce system designed to allow users to purchase accessories, and to redeem coupons / single-use certificates to make accessory purchases. This ASP also provides branding elements so as to allow it to work seamlessly within the sponsor's website.