Business Solutions - Case Study - Helping a Sports Organization
Fundraising Vehicle for a Sports-Related Affinity Group


A major sports organization, with a current loyalty base of a million 'points' members was seeking a means to: maximize revenue from its loyalty group; reduce the number of 'unused' points (and the associated liability); and strengthen relationships with key retailer sponsors.

Proposed Solution

In partnership with two major retailer partners, Get Solo would develop a special "collector's card", sold exclusively at the retailers' store locations and via their website. That collector's card would offer fans both retail discounts, as well as the ability to redeem their member points by purchasing special memorabilia, accessories and gift items. For an additional fee, customers would also have the ability to customize and personalize their card both visually, and then with additional loyalty memberships tie-ins.

The affinity group is looking to achieve a critical mass of solo* card users and strengthen its existing loyalty program, both in terms of revenue generation via the solo* customization sales, and through redeemed points. Additional value will also be created by strengthening ties with two key retail partners, leading to additional co-marketing, branding and revenue generation opportunities.