Business Solutions - Case Study - Helping an Entertainment Company
Fund-raising Vehicle for a Sports-Related Affinity Group


A leading entertainment media company producing several brand franchises was interested in a loyalty program that could build greater customer loyalty and strengthen relationships with key toy manufacturers.

Proposed Solution

Get Solo proposed a loyalty card that in addition to promoting new movie franchises, also featured discounts for important toy manufacturers. Each card contained solo's patented barcode technology that carried electronic discounts for "hot" movie merchandise in order to accelerate product sales, while also energizing fans wanting exclusive discounts.

Get Solo's client is looking to obtain a powerful tool to:
  • Extend the reach of its various franchise brands into the wallets of consumers;
  • Deepen the loyalty of its fans;
  • Promote specific manufacturing relationships by driving sales of key products;
  • Promote the launch of new products; and
  • Increase revenue for each of the company's strategic relationships.