Business Solutions - Case Study - Helping a Major Airline
Destination and Loyalty Offering for a Major Transatlantic Airline


A large transatlantic airline was seeking a unique branding and loyalty tool that would:
  • Generate new revenue streams;
  • Leverage existing services;
  • Create added value to its customer base;
  • Strengthen strategic partnerships.

Proposed Solution

Get Solo identified 600,000 customers who frequently travel across Atlantic to New York City, a city offering a multitude of activities including shopping. Get Solo consulted with the airline to build a custom-branded shopping discount solo* card, featuring discount offerings at a number of popular top-end stores. The card would be sold via the airline's website and at travel centers and agencies. The system would be entirely turnkey: every time a customer would present the card at a participating retailer, the Point-of-Sale system would automatically register the discount at the time of purchase, thereby eliminating any need for in-store staff training.

The airline would benefit from an innovative tool allowing it to: extend its brand; achieve "wallet share"; and create a targeted value-add in cohesion with its core offering. This in turn would result in new levels of customer retention and loyalty.

The solo* card would:
  • Create additional revenue streams for the airline;
  • Strengthen relationships with key retail partners; and
  • Increase revenues for key retail partners.